Split Disturbance / Burning Lady
// LP // 2011 // 10"
availabe on Dirty Punk Records

Disturbance Tracklist:
No Worries
Socially Insane
Something to believe in
My Idol

Burning Lady Tracklist:
Wasted Time
The Bonnie's Lament
Another Way
An Angel Dies
  Angry Scene Records Compilation Vol. 2 // CD
Angry Scene Records

Featuring: Drongo's for europe, Contempt, Usual Suspects, Mouth Sewn Shut, Dogshit sandwich, Noctophyle, Second change. Order through ANGRY SCENE RECORDS

Punk in sunderland Volume 3 // CD
Punk in Europe
Stretch Records (UK)
Featuring: Red Alert, Holy Racket, 999, TheLurkers, Disturbance, Blood or Whiskey, the Jesters and more...

Punk in sunderland Volume 4 // CD
Punk All around the world
Stretch Records (UK)

Featuring: Holy Racket, Dead by Gun, Die Hunns, Disturbance, Goldblade, Suburban Scumbags, Dayglo Abortions, the Agitators, the Lurkers, Crashed Out, the Peacocks, Texas Terri Bomb, Guns on the Roof, Madido Respiro, Psychopunch, the Creepers, UK Subs, Swellbellys, Drongos for Europe, Unite Against Society, 3 Minute Warning, Loudmouth, Another Idea, Merdonalds, GBH, the Jesters, the Invisibles, Seize the Day, Red Alert, Rule 303, die Nakse Bananen, Des-Kontrol, Billy Riot and the Violent Fuckwits, Dogs on Sail, Bastard Squat, Outlaw, Church of Confidence, the Rebel Asshole, Eastfield, 1977, 2 Fatties and the Bloody Beerbois, Pub Allstars, Urban Cranx, Red London, Mouthguard, Revenge of the Pyschotronic Man, Fucking Virgins and Blok 1A.

Beer Bois United // CD and LP //
Neuro Empire Records (Russia)
Featuring: Haggis, 7TEEN, Disturbance, Nuts and Bolts, Volxsturm, Klasse Kriminale and more.
Order through THE PAUKI

  PunkShit Volume 3
PunkShit Records (UK)
Disturbance, Runnin Riot, Perkele, Close Combat, Snap Her, Disturbance, Evil Conduct, Dogshit Sandwich, Steam Pig.

PunkShit Volume 2
PunkShit Records (UK)
80 minutes of punk/ska/hardcore/ folk featuring: Runnin Riot, Drongos For Europe, The Steam Pig, Disturbance, Greenland Whalefishers and loads more.

    PunkShit Volume 1
PunkShit Records (UK)

Krusefix compilation
(Agressive Noise 014) // 2003
German compilation cd, with accompanying mag.
Disturbance, Die Boslinge, The Baboonz, Berenice beach, Sparifankal, Blackfire and live bonus tracks by Wuide Wahl, Gratla band, born bavarian and Minga Mob

    Las Fronteras no nos paran // 2002
compilation cd of Dutch underground scene, only available in equador
(this was a comp for punx in equador, to get an idea what dutch underground sounds like)
Featuring: Beans, Dandare, Rebound, Die Nakse Bananen, Milkman,!Anti-gonE!, Seein Red, Disturbance, Kamikaze, Mihoen, Human Alert, SAF, Skatonomen, Betercore, Antidote

    Treath records compilation // 2002

indonesian compilation tape with several bands


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