New Merch is in!

New Disturbance T-Shirts, Girlies, Dresses and Hooded sweaters are available! We've spotted David Hasselhoff re-selling them on one of his shows...

If you want somthing please contact or buy at shows...

Disturbance spotted on the streets of Quebec

New Shirts are available. Buy them at Gigs or order at

Disturbance is releasing an Split 12" LP together with the Lille based, french punk rock quartet Burning Lady
There will be five brand new Disturbance songs on it. This will be the first release with our new drummer Jonathan van der Haak.

This release will be disttubuted by the French label Dirty Punk Records, similar to the 'Shades of Fear' album.

The Dutch release party will be at De Baroeg with Disturbance, burning lady and special geusts Abrasive Wheels
(see shows for more info)

T he French Release party will be at Paris, at The Wall Street Destroy Festival. Disturbance and Burning Lady will play along with Pestpocken, WD40, Sex is Dead, Hypnotizing chicks, Thee Spivs and Bile Clinton

you can listen to two of our new song at SoundCloud: No worries and DNA